How to get Shredder in Fortnite Cowabunga event: All TMNT Quests & rewards

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Shredder in Fortnite Cowabunga eventEpic Games

The Fortnite x TMNT Cowabunga event brings plenty of free rewards, doubling down on the collab and bringing iconic villain Shredder to the game. Here’s how to get Shredder in Fortnite, as well as all the other rewards up for grabs, including the Krang Back Bling.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has delivered plenty of major crossovers with popular franchises already. Family Guy’s Peter Griffin arrived as part of the Battle Pass before Solid Snake was added alongside his iconic Cardboard Box Mythic.

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Players have also been treated to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration, as all four brothers received their own skins. The devs doubled down on the crossover with the special Cowabunga event, bringing Shredder and more into the mix.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite TMNT event, including how to get the Shredder skin and claim the Krang Back Bling.

Fortnite TMNT event end date

The Fortnite Cowabunga TMNT event comes to an end on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. This gives players around 18 days to complete everything, after it kicked off on Friday, February 9, 2024.

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How to unlock Shredder in Fortnite Cowabunga event

Fortnite players can unlock the Shredder skin by purchasing the Premium Reward Track of the TMNT Cowabunga event. This costs 1,000 V-Bucks, tasking players with completing Quests to collect Ooze, which helps them climb through the tiers.

There are also a host of free rewards available to those who don’t purchase the Premium Track, but Shredder can only be earned by upgrading. There’s also a Super Shredder Style as the final reward for completing the Event Pass.

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The first set of Quests is titled Stick to the Shadows, so check them out below:

  • Travel through sewer pipes in different matches (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with suppressed weapons (500) – 300 Ooze
  • Search a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop (1) – 400 Ooze
  • Use the EMP Stealth Camo (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Destroy Objects (200) – 300 Ooze
  • Visit the lair then travel East (500) – 300 Ooze
  • Purchase Ninja Turtle Weapons from vending machines (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard (1) – 300 Ooze

The Gear Up! Quests arrived on February 12, 2024, and you can check them all out below:

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  • Hire a character (1) – 400 Ooze
  • Have a hired follower eliminate an opponent (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Collect weapons from supply drones in Hot Spots (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Spend bars at Mending Machines (200) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with Ninja Turtle Weapons (150) – 300 Ooze
  • Crack opponent’s shields (10) – 300 Ooze
  • Emote in different matches (3) – 300 Ooze
  • Spin degrees while airborne and on foot (7200) – 300 Ooze

The Cowabunga Clash! Quests arrived on February 15, 2024, check them out below:

  • Reach the top 25 players remaining (1) – 400 Ooze
  • Visit different named locations in a single match (3) – 300 Ooze
  • Search Weapon Cases (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Time Travel into the future…slowly (300) – 300 Ooze
  • Assist in eliminating Society henchmen (10) 300 Ooze
  • Crouch, Jump, and Mantle (200) – 300 Ooze
  • Take or eat pizza slices from pizza boxes with your friends (8) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents while airborne (100) – 400 Ooze

The Give ‘Em Shell Quests went live on February 18, 2024, and you can check them out below:

  • Dash using Ninja Turtle Weapons (10) – 400 Ooze
  • Hit opponents beyond 40 meters (40)- 300 Ooze
  • Reach full shields (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Apply Weapon Mods at a Mod Bench (3) – 300 Ooze
  • Land at a Hot Spot (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents while at full health (500) – 300 Ooze
  • Hit an opponent while not looking at them (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Collect shotgun shells (4) – 300 Ooze
  • Recover a Combat Cache (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Use consumables (10) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents while in a vehicle (100) – 400 Ooze
  • Eliminate opponents while crouched (3) – 400 Ooze

The Showdown Shred Quests arrived on February 21, 2024, and you can check them here:

  • Destroy Foot Clan banners (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with Rare or better weapons (500) – 300 Ooze
  • Reprogram Foot Clan recruitment holo-posters (3) – 400 Ooze
  • Travel distance in vehicles (1000) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents that have damaged you (100) – 300 Ooze
  • Complete a bounty from a Bounty board (100) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents as the last player standing in your team (100) – 300 Ooze
  • Destroy evil brainwashing pizza turntables (3) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with Assault Rifles or Snipers (250) – 300 Ooze
  • Travel distance in a single match (1000) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with opponents with Shotguns or SMGs (250) – 400 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with Cluster Clingers or Shotguns (150) – 400 Ooze

The last set of quests is titled Shellebrate, it arrived on February 24, 2024, and here are all its quests and rewards:

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  • Gain shields using FlowBerry Fizz (100) – 400 Ooze
  • Listen to the radio in a vehicle (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Damage opponents with the Lock On Pistol (100) – 400 Ooze
  • Travel distance while under the effects of low-grav (500) – 300 Ooze
  • Collect weapons (50) – 300 Ooze
  • Eliminate opponents from within 10 meters (3) – 300 Ooze
  • Emote in the Turtles’ Lair (1) – 300 Ooze
  • Spend time airborne doing tricks on a Driftboard (25) – 300 Ooze

Fortnite Cowabunga TMNT event: All rewards

There are 22 different rewards up for grabs on the Fortnite Cowabunga TMNT Event Pass if you purchase the Premium Reward Track, and 11 if you stick to the free one. Here’s a breakdown of all the rewards, as well as how much Ooze you’ll need to collect:

OozeFree RewardPremium Reward
1,000Ninja Stance: LeoShredder’s Cape (Back Bling)
2,000The Kuro Kabuto (Bass)Maniacal Krang (Emote)
3,000Level UpLevel Up
4,000Ninja Stance: DonnieShredder’s Steel Claws (Pickaxe)
5,000TMNT Pizza (Back Bling)Battle Prep (Emote)
6,000Level UpLevel Up
7,000Ninja Stance: MikeyShredder’s Glare (Emote)
8,000Outta the Bus (Loading Screen)Super Shredder’s Cape (Back Bling)
9,000Ooze (Wrap)Lair Showdown (Loading Screen)
10,000Ninja Stance: RaphSuper Shredder’s Steel Claws (Pickaxe)
11,000Turtle Blimp (Glider)Super Shredder (Style)

Additionally, completing six quests on each phase will allow you to claim the Krang Back Bling for free. This means you don’t need to buy the event pass for this reward, just play a lot.

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That was everything we know about the Fortnite TMNT event so far. Remember you need to complete all objectives before February 27, 2024, to claim all available rewards.

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