Fortnite players confused as Family Guy creator reveals why Peter Griffin is buff

Amitesh Dhar
An image of Meowscles and Peter Griffin in a Fortnite cinematic short.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy had some interesting information to share about Peter Griffin in Fortnite. The information he shared, however, left players slightly confused.

Peter Griffin in Fortnite is like a dream come true for many players. The character was leaked in 2021, but he was added to the game in 2023 with Chapter 5 Season 1. Not just a skin in the Battle Pass, he’s also one of the five bosses on the island.

In a recent interview with IGN Seth MacFarlane commented on Peter Griffin’s addition to Fortnite. He further mentioned that he had to be told what Fortnite was.

Speaking about Peter Griffin, he said, “He’s very muscular in there, right? I was told that they didn’t have the budget to create his actual body.”

Epic Games makes a lot of money from cosmetic sales alone so not being able to create Peter’s actual body because of a lack of budget sounded absurd to those in the replies.

While some players assumed that he was joking, others believed that the developers didn’t create the actual body because of technical issues. They said that the original Peter Griffin character had a wider frame so including him in the game would mean reworking every single animation and emote to prevent clipping.

Not only that, players further believe that the developers would have to rework some of the hitboxes in the game. This interview, however, did not stop players from appreciating the current Peter Griffin model in Fortnite. Some also wondered if the developers would include the original character model sometime in the future.

Although unlikely, you can’t rule out the possibility of the developers adding the original character model to the game. Epic Games had added multiple variants of skins in the game so there’s always a chance that they could add the original Peter Griffin character in Fortnite later on.

While Peter Griffin seems to be the highlight of this season, players have expressed a few concerns about the map. With the new season releasing in March, we will have to wait to see the new changes that come in Chapter 5 Season 2.

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