Is FFXIV crossplay? PC, Xbox & PlayStation cross-platform explained

Aakrit Sharma
Final Fantasy characteres riding mounts in open world

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs out there with tons of active players on PC and PlayStation. If you and your buddies play on different platforms or you’re planning to jump in after the Xbox release, here’s everything to know about Final Fantasy 14 crossplay.

Final Fantasy 14 Online was released in 2014 and it has been one of the most talked-about MMORPGs since then. Regular content updates have helped the game improve a lot over the years, and after a glorious run on PC and PlayStation, it’ll arrive on Xbox in Spring 2024 as well.

With a ton of new players ready to jump in, you might be wondering FFXIV allows parties with people from different platforms. So, here’s everything to know about crossplay across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 characters
Final Fantasy 14 has received four expansions so far.

Does FFXIV support crossplay?

Yes, FFXIV is crossplay across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Although the game is yet to arrive on Xbox, Phil Spencer and Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu talked about the imminent launch during the 2023 Final Fantasy Fan Festival and confirmed that cross-play will let old and new players accompany each other.

The highly-anticipated Dawntrail expansion for FFXIV will be released alongside the Xbox launch. From a new level cap and PvP to new jobs and core battle content, there’s a lot that veterans and new Xbox players can look forward to.

FFXIV crossplay is enabled by default when you load the game on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

Can you disable crossplay in FFXIV?

No, you cannot disable crossplay in FFXIV because it has common servers for PC and PlayStation. The Xbox version will be no different and you’ll be directly matched with others regardless of platform.

Interestingly, you can’t distinguish players based on their platform in-game, and asking them personally is the only way to know this.

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