Does Aerith die in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Luca Di Marzo
Aerith in FF7 Rebirth

If you’re familiar with the original Final Fantasy 7, you’ll know that Aerith suffered a tragic fate, but does Aerith still die in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Here’s what you need to know.

While Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is sure to draw in new players experiencing the story for the first time, there will also be plenty of players jumping into it after playing the original. Many players are dying to know how accurately the retelling in Rebirth follows the original FF VII.

*Spoiler Warning*

The game is finally here, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has once again captivated gamers with its twisting storyline and breathtaking moments. Among the most anticipated events is Aerith’s fate, following the tragic loss that shook players in the original FF7.

As fans discover if history would repeat itself, the question remains, does Aerith die in FF7 Rebirth?

FF7 Rebirth: Does Aerith die?

Yes, Aerith dies in FF7 Rebirth at the hands of Sephiroth. However, the scene unfolds with unexpected urgency and gravity, diverging from the original storyline while still maintaining its emotional impact.

Unlike Sephiroth’s casual cruelty in the original, this time, he charges towards Aerith with a palpable sense of determination. It’s a moment that raises the stakes and adds layers of intensity to the encounter.

In an unpredictable twist, when Aerith is impaled by Sephiroth, Cloud witnesses divergent timelines. In one of them, he makes it in time to parry Sephiroth’s blow, presumably saving Aerith in the process. It remains to be seen how this alternate timeline will come into play in the follow-up to Rebirth.

Sephiroth in FF7 Rebirth.
Sephiroth is arguably Final Fantasy’s most iconic villain.

In the timeline that the player follows, Aerith succumbs to her fatal wound, leaving the party mourning her loss and it strengthens their resolve to confront Final Fantasy’s most iconic villain.

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introducing alternate timelines players are wondering about the possibility of Aerith’s future in the third chapter of the remakes.

While the tragedy of Aerith’s death resonates deeply, it serves as a catalyst for the party’s determination to thwart Sephiroth’s sinister plans. As players navigate the intricate web of fate and destiny in FF7 Rebirth, Aerith’s legacy endures, shaping the course of their journey in ways they never imagined.

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