Diablo 4 players claim devs missed opportunity to add major character as campaign boss

Souhardya Choudhury
Inarius in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players wanted one of the most important characters as a boss fight during the campaign so that they could get to choose sides in the game.

Boss fights in Diablo 4 have always been a major subject of discussion among players as many have pointed out several characters from the game that could be great as bosses, like Andariel as an Uber boss. With Season 2 ending and the anticipation of Season 3 content at an all-time high, many have been discussing bosses they’d like to see.

Inarius is one of the most important characters in Diablo 4 and is the faction leader who fights against Lilith. He is an angel, and the followers of the Cathedral of Light consider him the father of Sanctuary.

Reddit user ‘orealalaolo’ believed that Inarius could be a great boss in Diablo 4 as they wished the devs would make him “a real boss encounter.” As Inarius was a godlike figure in the Cathedral of Light, many hoped that they could side with Lilith instead if they got the option to fight him.

“The game would be more fun if you could choose either side and jump between the worlds,” said one of the replies. Many players claimed that they wanted to side with Lilith and labeled Inarius as a “villain” in Diablo 4‘s story.

Others speculated that choosing between the angels and the demons could have been the original idea, and it “got cut to meet deadlines” by the devs, and the ending felt “very rushed.” However, with the reveal trailer of the upcoming expansion already teased, it seems like Mephisto will be the main villain this time.

Although Inarius was killed by Lilith in the final act of Diablo 4, some players believed that he would come back in future expansions as a villain, alongside Mephisto. Blizzard have not teased anything about his return, but players will be hoping to fight him as a boss.

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