When is Black Ops 6 set? Timeline explained

Nathan Warby
Frank Woods in Black Ops 6

The story of Black Ops 6 picks up a number of threads from previous Black Ops games, but when exactly is it set? Here’s everything you need to know about the timeline of BO6 and where it fits in the overall narrative.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 brings a brand-new single-player campaign, set in the same universe as other entries in the Black Ops series. But with the likes of Frank Woods and Adler returning, you might be wondering when BO6 is set.

Here’s when the story of Black Ops 6 is set and where it fits in the timeline of the other games in the sub-series.

When is Black Ops 6 set?

Black Ops 6 is set in 1991, as confirmed by Treyarch in the official blog post revealing the game. It is a direct sequel to 2020’s Black Ops Cold War, which took place in the early to mid-80s. The campaign will depict the Gulf War, which lasted until 1991 in real life.

Frank Woods, who appeared in the first Black Ops game from 2010, will play a pivotal role in the story as he adjusts to a “new role within the CIA” after being left wheelchair-bound by Raul Menendez at the end of Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 6 character riding motorbike
Black Ops 6 takes place after the events of Cold War.

Black Ops 6 timeline explained

Since Black Ops 6 is set in the early 90s, it’s the fourth game in the Black Ops series canonically. This is because Black Ops 2 is split between two separate timelines, one of which focuses on Frank Woods and Alex Mason from 1986-1989.

Check out the full Black Ops timeline below:

  • Black Ops: 1961-1968
  • Black Ops Cold War: 1984
  • Black Ops 2 (flashback missions): 1986-1989
  • Black Ops 6: 1991
  • Black Ops 4: 2040s
  • Black Ops 3: 2065

Are Mason & Hudson alive in Black Ops 6?

No, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson aren’t alive in the Black Ops 6 campaign. This was confirmed by multiple content creators and outlets who attended an early BO6 event, as Treyarch revealed that both the original Black Ops protagonist and his handler are dead by the time this story takes place.

This confirms that the ending in Black Ops 2 where Alex Mason is killed is canon, after fans were left in limbo for years. The game has multiple different endings, including one where Mason survives being shot by Menendez and lives to be 93.

However, Black Ops 6 follows up the ending where Mason doesn’t make it out, so don’t expect to see the character show during the campaign, other than in flashbacks.

That was everything you need to know about the Black Ops 6 timeline and when the game is set. If you’re more of a multiplayer fan, many campaign locations will appear as new maps where you can try out the new omnidirectional movement and loadout system.

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