Black Ops 6 Zombies: Maps, crew, story, more

Joseph Pascoulis
Black Ops 6 Zombies

Black Ops 6 will be the brand-new Call of Duty title for 2024 and with the Black Ops saga returning, many are wondering if BO6 will include Zombies. So, here are all the details we know so far.

Black Ops 6 has been confirmed and is being developed by Treyarch, leaving many wondering about Zombies. The beloved undead mode has changed a lot throughout the years, so what will it look like in BO6?

Here are all the details we know about Black Ops 6 Zombies so far.

Will Black Ops 6 have Zombies?

Yes, Black Ops 6 will have a Zombies mode featuring round-based gameplay. This was confirmed during the BO6 Direct event during the Xbox Games Showcase and will follow Treyarch’s tradition of offering the classic Zombies mode within the Black Ops saga.

Black Ops 6 Zombies maps

Black Ops 6‘s Zombies mode will feature two round-based maps taking place at the same time. The first map, Liberty Falls, is set in West Virginia after an Aether incident in the Appalachian Mountains range where an elite unit is sent to investigate the area.

The second map, Terminus, also known within the Dark Aether storyline as the Blacksite 13 facility, is a sprawling, dark remote prison set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here, Peck leads a rescue operation, and players must escape the map.

BO6 Zombies Terminus map
BO6’s Terminus is described as a “massive” Zombies map.

Black Ops 6 Zombies characters

BO6 Zombies mode is set to follow previous Black Ops titles, allowing players to take the reins of a set playable crew including the returning Gigori Weaver, Elizabeth Grey, and Mac Carver, alongside new character Maya Aguinaldo.

While players will still have the chance to play as any available Operator within Zombies, choosing a character from the BO6 Zombies crew will provide a much deeper experience, including exclusive voice lines, cinematics, interactions, and additional information regarding the story.

BO6 Zombies crew
A fixed character crew returns within BO6 after being last seen in Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 6 Zombies story

The story of Black Ops 6’s Zombies will continue the “intriguing and terrifying” Dark Aether narrative introduced in Black Ops Cold War.

At the conclusion of the Dark Aether storyline in BOCW, players discovered that the Director of Requiem was actually Edward Richtofen, who betrayed the entire unit by sending them to unknown locations. Set in 1991, Black Ops 6 picks up the story five years later. Dr. Peck, having survived the catastrophic events at Test Site Anna, charters a boat in Japan to rescue some “old friends” from a research prison facility.

A new character, Maya Aguinaldo, is introduced in Black Ops 6 as part of the crew. She will assist Dr. Peck in freeing the returning Requiem Operators: Grigori Weaver, Elizabeth Grey, and Mac Carver. However, Maya has her own reasons for helping them.

BO6 Zombies content: GobbleGums return & leaks

BO6 Zombies GobbleGums
GobbleGums were last available in Black Ops 3.

As for content, the only feature confirmed to return in BO6 Zombies are the power-up GobbleGums. To celebrate their return, players will be able to access 12 single-use GobbleGums bonuses by pre-ordering BO6’s Vault Edition to use at the game’s launch.

Despite a ton of information about the game being confirmed, prior to the BO6 Direct event, leaker MargwaNetwork shared several details about Black Ops 6 Zombies maps. Among them, they claimed that the mode will have a “new weapon” that causes enemy skin to “bubble,” as well as the return of the “Jet gun and Ray gun.”

Manglers, the Mystery Box, and crafting were also mentioned in the BO6 Zombies leaks, as well as a new “Tentacle dog” type.

Keep in mind that leaks are subject to change, so take them with a grain of salt. However, more Zombies information is expected to be revealed during the CoD Next 2024 event on August 28, so we’ll be sure to update this piece with any new details that are announced.

That’s everything we know so far about Black Ops 6’s Zombies mode. If you’re interested in the Black Ops franchise, check out every title in the series and whether BO6 will be on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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