Black Ops 6 features two round-based Zombies maps at launch

Max Candelarezi
BO6 Zombies crew

Black Ops 6 brings back the fan-favorite Zombies mode first introduced by Treyarch, offering players two round-based maps to enjoy at launch.

Since its debut, Treyarch’s Zombies mode has become a staple of the Black Ops saga. Continuing this tradition, Black Ops 6 will feature the highly anticipated return of the mode to its classic state.

Unlike the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 6 Zombies will feature two round-based maps at launch. This gives fans two distinct experiences, taking place at the same time, to take on the living dead.

The first map, Liberty Falls, is set in West Virginia after an incident brought together an elite unit to investigate the area. The second map, Terminus, is a sprawling, dark prison known as Black Cite. Here, Peck leads a rescue operation, and players must escape the map.

As in previous games with round-based gameplay, BO6‘s Zombies mode will feature crews allowing players to take the reins of the Requiem characters Gigori Weaver, Elizabeth Grey, Mac Carver, alongside Maya Aguinaldo.

They will follow the Dark Aether narrative, which picks up where players left off in Black Ops Cold War. Set in 1991, Dr. Peck, having survived the catastrophic events at Test Site Anna, charters a boat in Japan to visit old friends.

4 years after the BOCW story, BO6 will allow players to continue the story of the Dark Aether and face Zombies within an authentic Treyarch experience with round-based matches.

If you’re interested in learning more about Black Ops 6, be sure to take a look at the long-awaited UI overhaul the game is set to introduce or if the MW3 content will be carried forward to BO6.

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