All BO6 Operators revealed so far

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops 6 Park Operator

Black Ops 6 will feature its own Operator roster, featuring some returning popular characters as well as new ones to the Black Ops saga. Here are all the BO6 Operators revealed so far.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Black Ops 6 received an in-depth presentation. The devs revealed extensive details about the game’s content, focusing mainly on the Campaign, including the storyline, characters, and more, as well as a sneak peek of multiplayer and Zombies.

In typical Call of Duty fashion, Campaign characters often become available as Operators in multiplayer. While the full roster hasn’t been disclosed yet, take a look at all the BO6 Operators that have been revealed so far.

All Operators revealed in Black Ops 6 so far

Black Ops 6 Operator
Frank Woods’ protege Troy Marshall will be a playable Operator in BO6 multiplayer.

Black Ops 6‘s multiplayer Operators will be divided into two factions, Rogue Black Ops and Crimson One. Here are all the multiplayer Operators in BO6 revealed so far:

BO6 Rogue Black Ops Operators

  • Marshall
  • Yara
  • Bayan
  • Westpoint
  • Nazir
  • Ratcliff

BO6 Crimson One Operators

  • Alejo
  • Caine
  • Stone
  • Niran
  • Baily
  • Volta

During an exclusive presentation hosted within Treyarch’s studios, the devs confirmed that MW3’s content, including Operators, won’t carry over to Black Ops 6 multiplayer. This means players will only have the BO6 Operator roster available.

The team also shared their aim to enhance the characters’ visual fidelity using photogrammetry, which involves scanning real gear to ensure authenticity.

In Black Ops 6, each Operator’s face will benefit from dynamic real-time analysis of both “scripted and spontaneous performances,” as well as capturing intricate physical details such as dirt under fingernails and the sweat and oil on their palms.

All in all, that’s every Black Ops 6 Operator revealed so far, alongside the realism upgrades. Be sure to check out how the loadout system works in the game, alongside every BO6 weapon and Equipment piece revealed so far.