What is Unsupported GPU error in Warzone Mobile?

Aakash Regmi
Warzone Mobile Shipment gameplay

If you’re experiencing the Unsupported GPU Warzone Mobile error, here is what it means, as well as details on whether there are any fixes you can try. 

From fan-favorite maps like Verdansk to several traditional multiplayer modes, Warzone Mobile features everything you’d expect from the CoD title.  

The game is still fairly new and some players have reported a lot of issues ranging from poor visuals to performance issues. One of the most common issues you may encounter is the “Unsupported GPU” error. Here’s what the Unsupported GPU error means in Warzone Mobile, as well as possible fixes.

Warzone Mobile Unsupported GPU error explained

Unsupported GPU in Warzone Mobile means that the game is not optimized for the GPU your mobile device has.

The current minimum requirement for GPUs is Adreno 618 (with 6 GB RAM) or higher for Android. iOS requirements on the other hand are relatively simple. You can play the game on any device running iOS 16 or later.

These are the Warzone Mobile specs you will need to meet at the very least to run the game smoothly.

Unsupported GPU error pop-up in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.
Many players are also reporting crashes and other issues, even on capable hardware.

Is there a fix for the Unsupported GPU error in Warzone Mobile?

Currently, there are no known fixes for the Unsupported GPU error in Warzone Mobile. Of course, you can try all the usual remedies like uninstalling, restarting, and making sure you have enough storage, but they’re less likely to yield anything meaningful for this error. 

If your GPU power is lower than recommended, you won’t be able to play the game until it is optimized further for lower-end hardware. If your GPU is powerful and you’re still getting the error, it is either a bug or your GPU was specifically not supported.

Your best bet is to keep an eye on official communications and see if Activision addresses these issues. The developers will continue to optimize the game, so a fix or support for capable hardware will likely roll out eventually.

We’ll be sure to update this article if there is any solid workaround for the Unsupported GPU error as well, so make sure to circle back for any potential updates. For more on Warzone Mobile, check out:

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