Warzone Mobile April 9 update patch notes: Android improvements, bug fixes, more

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Warzone Mobile devs released another optimization update on April 9, improving the Android experience, along with solving several bug fixes affecting Season 3. Check below the full patch notes for the update.

Warzone Mobile‘s Season 3 is fully underway bringing a ton of new content, however, following its release, players reported several issues, especially on Android devices, with many unable to enjoy the game due to crashes or settings issues.

Luckily, the devs released a new update overnight on April 9 to address some of these issues. So, check out the full Warzone Mobile April 9 update patch notes below.

Warzone Mobile April 9 update patch notes

Here are the full Warzone Mobile April 9 update patch notes, as shared by the devs on Reddit:

Graphics and Performance-Related Fixes

  • Reduced overall memory usage for Android to alleviate crashes. 
  • Fixed graphics corruption which caused missing textures on Android devices with Adreno GPUs
  • On certain devices with a Mali GPU chip, fixed a bug where players would get stuck at the “finalizing install” stage
  • Fixed a bug where the “Streaming” indicator would persist on the main screen and would cause graphical corruption in Adreno 660, 730, Mali G-78, and Apple 4-core GPU’s
  • Fixed a bug where purple UI images would appear in game
  • Fixed lag spikes on devices with Adreno 650 GPUs when rotating the camera


  • Fixed bug in which weapons and attachments would be locked, even if the requirements were properly met.
  • The Survivor perk has been replaced with High Alert for the SUPPORT perk package.
  • Fixed bug where input would be lost after exiting the “Loadout Drop” field upgrade menu with a controller.
  • Fixed bug where UAV Towers in Rebirth Island would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed a bug where XP tokens were unlocked incorrectly 

General Fixes

  • Various UI bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed a bug where controllers would stop working after exiting the Loadout Drop field upgrade menu

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