Warzone Mobile Play Store rating suffers major drop after Android performance issues

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operator battling in Verdansk

Following Warzone Mobile’s global launch, many players have complained about the massive performance issues in the game, mainly on Android devices. This has significantly affected WZM’s rating on the Google Play Store.

Although it’s common for video game launches to experience bugs or performance issues, players have reported that Warzone Mobile‘s release has been plagued with diverse problems that significantly impact its overall experience.

From disappointing graphics to excessive overheating, Warzone Mobile‘s Google Play Store rating has taken a huge drop to a 3.2-star rating from over 100,000 user reviews, highlighting the “horrible” state of the free-to-play title on mobile devices.

While various issues have been reported on both iOS and Android devices, Android users have lodged the majority of complaints, often stating that they “can’t even log in.” Many even compared it to its biggest competitor, PUBG Mobile, which has a 4.3-star rating with over 45 million user reviews.

“This game is only made for those who have best quality graphics segment phone. For me it feels like 360p quality in my mobile,” a user shared on WZM‘s Google Play Store page. “Very bad experience, very little customization options and very bad optimization on mobile. The graphics on mobile are not what I was expecting,” another player reviewed.

A third user summarized the negative experience by expressing, “The game graphic is unbearable….as if I’m playing with 480p resolution even on max setting… Overall the game is far from ready,” which 8,046 people found helpful on the game’s rating page.

The iOS App Store has over 19,000 reviews so far for Warzone Mobile, but its rating on Apple devices is not as negative compared to its Android rating. With a total of 4.4 stars, it has hit the top spot among action games in Apple’s mobile Store.

Warzone Mobile devs respond to performance issues on Android

Developers have finally made a statement on the performance issues, assuring players that they’ll continue to optimize the game in the upcoming updates:

“The team has been hard at work and is near deployment of an update addressing a number of things to improve performance further.”

Among other things, it addresses crash issues as well as the Unsupported GPU error. Activision also said they’re currently “investigating a variety of issues,” and are listening to any feedback shared on the official Warzone Mobile bug thread on Reddit.

Hopefully, this means more performance optimization is on the way and will make playing Warzone Mobile much smoother. Currently, Warzone Mobile’s rating on the Play Store sits at 1.9-star, that’s a massive drop of 1.3 stars since publishing this article. 

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