Warzone Mobile April 2 update patch notes: Android fixes, matchmaking changes, more

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Warzone Mobile received an optimization update on April 2, fixing the biggest issues affecting players ahead of the start of Season 3. Check out the full patch notes below.

Despite a successful launch for Warzone Mobile, some players have been reporting major issues that have been disrupting the experience. The game’s performance on Android devices, in particular, has come under fire, with many unable to achieve clear graphics no matter which settings they adjust.

Now, just in time for Season 3, the devs have rolled out an update to address the biggest concerns. Here are the full Warzone Mobile April 2 update patch notes below.

Warzone Mobile optimzation update patch notes

Check out the Warzone Mobile April 2 update patch notes below, as revealed by the devs in an X post:

Android Optimization

  • Issue: Some Android devices were misconfigured to use higher default settings than intended.
  • Fix: Adjusted default settings for Android devices.
  • Issue: Graphics took longer to load than expected, resulting in low fidelity graphics early in matches.
  • Fix: More assets are loaded in before matches begin, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game.
  • Issue: Crashing, graphical corruptions, and disconnects were unexpectedly occurring on some Android devices.
  • Fix: Discovered a bug causing too many vehicles and buy stations to spawn on Verdansk, which impaired game performance. This has been resolved.
  • Fix: If you disconnect, we added a Rejoin feature so you can jump back in-game.

Device temperature

  • Issue: Default FPS cap was set too high on certain device models, resulting in thermal and performance issues.
  • Fix: We adjusted the default FPS to better keep devices cool.
  • In progress Continue adjusting other levers that affect device temperature.


  • Issue: Warzone Mobile uses streaming to load in graphics as you play, This dramatically reduces the total install footprint and download size for players, but players with poor internet will experience lower tier graphics.
  • Fix: More graphics will load in before matches begin, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game.
  • Issue: Default FPS was set too high for some devices, resulting in thermal and performance issues.
  • Fix: Adjusted the default FPS settings for low or medium tier devices.

Gameplay difficulty

  • Issue: More real players lead to more difficult games.
  • Fix: We’ve adjusted matchmaking and other levers to improve the level of difficulty for new players.
  • Issue: There are too many controller players in Warzone Mobile.
  • Next step: We’ll continue to evaluate balancing player matchmaking pools by native touch and controllers.

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