Warzone Mobile players roast “hopeless” graphics worse than CoD Mobile

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone mobile operator aiming sniper

Warzone Mobile players are roasting the game’s graphics, claiming that it’s a worse experience than CoD Mobile’s battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has finally arrived, bringing the excitement of a full-scale battle royale to phones. The game has garnered a lot of attention, with players pouring into the servers across iPhones and Androids to experience the original Verdansk map once again, as well as enjoy the mobile game’s small multiplayer section.

Warzone Mobile features cross-progression, so even those who play the PC and console version of Warzone have a reason to play on a handheld device, so long as they meet the required specs.

Speaking of specifications, some players are slightly concerned with the quality of the graphics in Warzone Mobile, with some claiming that they’re even worse than CoD Mobile‘s battle royale mode.

Reddit user ‘itzyjames’ put a post in the Warzone subreddit highlighting the performance of the game, as they said, “Unfortunately it’s so [laggy] and the graphics are just suicidal like I’m playing 1995 game.”

In the comments, others agreed with the OP. “I can get good FPS but my graphics are locked on low. It’s hopeless,” said one player, while another commented, “As much as I waited for this game I am so sad it is absolutely a piece of s**t…can’t run it properly, the graphics is like 420p or even less.”

When it comes to graphics, some actually believe that Call of Duty: Mobile performs better than Warzone Mobile, as one player even asked, “Bruh why does it have worse graphics than codm battle royale??”

For those unaware, CoD Mobile actually features its own battle royale mode, but it is completely separate to the PC/console version of Warzone, unlike Warzone Mobile.

“Tbh I prefer the old CODMobile,” said one player, claiming that “It’s better, not lagging, and available for a variety of Android versions.”

While players weren’t expecting the game to look as good as the PC/console version of Warzone, clearly, they expected something better than CoD Mobile.

The game is still fresh, so there’s no doubt that the devs will be working to improve the game for players across all types of mobile devices, from iPads to older Androids and iPhones.Plus, you can always try the best graphics settings for Warzone Mobile to improve performance.

Those who really want the best performance can always download an emulator and play Warzone Mobile on their PC, using either a keyboard and mouse or controller.

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