What is Slay Ride Resurgence in Warzone? CODMAS mode explained

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warzone operator holding a snowball in slay ride resurgence

Warzone players can get in the spirit of Christmas with the new CODMAS event, which brings Slay Ride Resurgence. For those who’d like to know what this is, here are all the details.

Warzone and MW3 is bringing the Christmas spirit with the CODMAS event, which introduces new challenges, rewards, and more for players.

MW3 has new modes Santa’s Slayground and Snowfight, but what about Warzone? Luckily for those battle royale players looking for a fix of Christmas content, you’re being treated to deadly snowballs that can be found around Urizkstan, as well as a new spin on Resurgence called Slay Ride Resurgence.

For those who want to know all the details about Warzone’s new Slay Ride Resurgence mode, including how to get the free Emblem reward, here’s everything you need to know.

Warzone Slay Ride Resurgence mode explained

Slay Ride Resurgence is a new playlist for Warzone during the CODMAS event which puts a spin on Resurgence. In this mode, players will drop in as usual, but the Urizkstan train will have a Christmas makeover and feature Santa. Players must fight and defeat Santa to gain “powerful in-game loot and an Emblem proving your prowess.”

Players can also find Deck the Halls tree-themed capture points on the map in Slay Ride Resurgence. Capture the point by standing near the tree with no enemies nearby to start decorating it for rewards. The more you can decorate, the better the rewards will be for doing so.

warzone operators fighting santa on the urzikstan train
Warzone players will be taking on Santa for high-tier loot in Slay Ride Resurgence.

When is Slay Ride Resurgence available in Warzone?

Slay Ride Resurgence is a brand-new limited-time mode for Warzone during the CODMAS event, running from December 19 to January 3, 2024.

You can enjoy this new playlist in Warzone until the event ends on January 3, 2024, so make sure you take some time out to enjoy it over the Christmas holiday period.

Well, there you have it, that was how the CODMAS Slay Ride Resurgence mode works in Warzone. For more guides, check out:

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