Warzone players slam “complicated” Urzikstan map design compared to Verdansk

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone players are slamming the new Urzikstan map’s design, calling it “just too complex” compared to the beloved Verdansk map.

Warzone players have had some time with the MW3 integration introduced in Season 1, allowing them to sink their teeth into the new weapons and map, Urzikstan.

Despite offering a load of new POIs to explore and learn, some Warzone players are not too happy with Urzikstan, especially when compared with Verdansk. Some players, such as Reddit user ‘wouter14071985’, are not impressed with the map design.

The Reddit user even called Urzikstan’s map design “too complicated,” explaining further as they said, “Every building has serveral floors, each floor has numerous chambers with windows. It’s just too complex, the fights take way too long and if someone sprints in a building right in front of you he could be lost forever in the maze.”

The OP compared the Warzone map design of recent locations such as Urzikstan and Al Mazrah to Verdansk, as they said, “Verdansk worked really well in my opinion because it was simple…most buildings only had a simple layout,” which is a contrast to Urzikstan’s “maze” buildings.

The player felt they should go “back to more simpler map design in the style of Verdansk,” and others agree, as one comment read, “Verdansk, Rebirth Island, and FK were good because they had a low number of big, easily recognizable POI’s, separated by open areas.”

Verdansk had “unique POIs” that players could recognize, whereas they felt Urzikstan has a lot of “small, cluttered, hard to distinguish POIs, separated by water and more small, cluttered, hard to distinguish POIs.”

Urzikstan will likely go through changes over the season, so perhaps we will see updates based on the feedback.

With the next Call of Duty set to be developed by Treyarch, there are rumors that Verdansk will be remastered for Warzone at the same time, but we’ll have to wait and see how accurate that is.

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