What are Barebones kills in MW3? Haymaker JAK Maglift challenge explained

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You need to get Barebones Kills in MW3 to complete a Weekly Challenge in Season 2, enabling you to unlock the JAK Maglift Kit. If you’re looking to complete this challenge, here’s the meaning of Barebones Kills in MW3, along with how to secure them easily.

There are several challenges for you to complete every season in Modern Warfare 3, including Weekly Challenges, camo, and event challenges. While you get a ton of XP from grinding these challenges, you also have the opportunity to unlock rewards and cosmetics in the process.

However, certain challenges can be hard to understand. We’ve seen the Blacklight Flashlight challenge and Prophetic Squish Marksman challenge cause some confusion in the past, and now many in the community are wondering how to get Barebones kills in MW3.

With that said, here’s everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 3 Barebones kills, including what they are and how to get them.

MW3: How to get Barebones kills

In MW3, to get Barebones Kills, you need to finish off enemies using a weapon with no attachments. In the case of the Season 2 Week 3 Challenge that unlocks the JAK Maglift Kit, they’ll need to do so with the Haymaker.

haymaker shotgun inspect in mw3 warzone
You’ll need to use the Haymaker to complete Week 3 challenges.

Getting kills with weapons without attachments equipped may seem like a difficult task, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble on smaller maps. We recommend loading into matches of any of the active small map playlists.

At the moment, the Meat 24/7 playlist is a great option to pile up Barebones kills in MW3. This is especially true when it comes to wielding the Haymaker Shotgun for the Week 3 challenge.

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