Warzone’s notorious one-shot Doom Shotgun is back & “better than ever”

Nathan Warby
Doom Super Shotgun with Warzone logo

The Super Shotgun from Warzone’s Doom crossover dominated Al Mazrah when it was first released, and the OP Lockwood build is back and “better than ever” on Urzikstan following what appears to be an accidental buff.

The Warzone meta is more contested than ever before following the game’s integration with Modern Warfare 3 in Season 1. Since the update, the full slate of weapons from MW3 have been available in the battle royale, meaning there are over 100 different guns to choose from.

Players have been hard at work discovering which of the new guns are top options in Warzone, with the BAS-B and WSP Swarm becoming early favorites. But now, an old meta from the Al Mazrah days has reared its head again and fans are desperate for a nerf.

Warzone players have been reporting that the Super Shotgun, a Lockwood 300 Blueprint found in the Doom bundle, can one-shot fully-plated enemies and is slowly taking over most lobbies.

The same happened when the bundle was first released back in October, and some feel that the Shotgun is even more overpowered in Warzone Season 1.

Popular streamer ModernWarzone posted about the issue, saying: “The one shot DOOM shotgun is back and arguably better than ever now that movement is back in Warzone.

CoD expert Metaphor also pointed out that players who didn’t buy the Doom bundle containing the Super Shotgun can still build their Lockwood 300 to be just as deadly. In his December 17 video, he explained that the Malestrom Dual Trigger is the secret to the loadout, as it allows you to fire both shots at once.

Given that Overkill is automatically equipped in Warzone Season 1, most players seem to be running the one-shot Super Shotgun as their close-range option, and fans are desperate to see it nerfed in a future update.

“Get it outta here and never come back again please,” said one reply to ModernWarzone’s post, before another added: “We just had the snake shot meta and now we’re going to have to suffer through this again? Nah.”

It isn’t clear what exactly caused the one-shot Lockwood to reappear, but players have speculated it may have been an accidental side effect of the Snakeshot nerf. With Warzone Season 1 Reloaded and the return of the Champion’s Quest around the corner, players are clearly hoping it won’t stick around for too long.

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