Warzone devs disable OP one-shot Shotgun attachment ruining lobbies

Nathan Warby
Warzone player using Lockwood 300 in Firing Range

Warzone players have been reporting that their matches have been ruined by the return of the one-shot Doom Shotgun, and the devs have finally addressed the issue by removing the attachment needed for the build.

Overall, the response to Warzone Season 1 has been a positive one. The community is loving the new Urzikstan map, as well as the new movement and weapons introduced as part of its integration with Modern Warfare 3.

That isn’t to say the move over to the map hasn’t come with issues, as certain OP weapons have dominated the early meta. The BAS-B was the favorite after Urzikstan went live, before the Snakeshot Pistols took over.

Since the Snakeshots were removed, the one-shot Super Shotgun from the Doom bundle that tormented Al Mazrah came back with a vengeance. Now, after players running the Lockwood 300 plagued lobbies for days, the devs have finally responded.

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, they said: “We’ve deployed an update to disable the use of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger Attachment on the Lockwood 300 Shotgun in public Playlists. It will remain visible in the Gunsmith but will not be usable in a match.”

The Maelstrom Dual Trigger is the key attachment for building the one-shot Shotgun in Warzone, as it allows players to fire both barrels at the same time. It comes as standard in the Super Shotgun Doom Blueprint, but can also be equipped to the standard Lockwood 300 in the Gunsmith.

Since the launch of Urzikstan in Warzone, the devs have taken to temporarily removing any problematic features immediately, instead of leaving them active while they work on the fix. This change has gone down well with fans, as many praised the team for their swift response.

YouTuber ‘ProReborn’ responded saying: “Whoever gained the common sense to just disable broken s**t and fix it later, thank you,” before former pro player ‘Maze’ added: “I’m starting to absolutely love the fact that if something is truly broken, it is being disabled until it’s rebalanced. This is brilliant work by the team.”

The devs didn’t reveal how long the Maelstrom Dual Trigger will be out of the game for, but as and when ti returns, fans can expect it to be much less effective than it was previously.

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