Warzone’s Snakeshots “more broken than ever” as players beg for nerfs

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone is known for overpowered guns, with the Snakeshots being some of the most well-known. After discovering that they are now “more broken than ever,” players are begging the devs for a nerf.

Despite the massive array of weapons to choose from in Warzone, there are often only a few meta-choices that tend to be worth using.

Over the years, Warzone players have experienced many different overpowered weapons, from the DMR to the Snakeshots. Now, the latter has returned with the Warzone December 14 update, as players are claiming that the “Snakeshots are more broken than ever.”

Players are being killed in ridiculously fast fashion when coming up against the Snakeshots, as IceManIsaac reacted to a clip showing a player dying incredibly fast to these overpowered weapons, despite being full health.

The Snakeshots are so powerful that IceManIsaac is begging the devs to nerf them as soon as they can, “Your move, devs. Save us.”

The update nerfed the TYR pistol in MW3, but players have found that the devs may have “accidentally” buffed them in Warzone, especially when used with the Snakeshot ammunition.

The Snakeshots are “completely busted,” said Call of Duty content creator MrProWestie, “I think Raven might have accidentally ruined close range in yesterday’s balance patch.”

Westie shared a clip showing just how overpowered they can be, as a streamer managed to take out three players with ease, only needing one shot from the akimbo pistols to take out each of the players.

Even JGOD is sick of the overpowered Snakeshot meta in Warzone, as it has come and gone multiple times now: “Nerf them already, its been over 3 years (May 9, 2020)…”

We’ll have to wait and see when the devs decide to act, with players desperate to see a quick nerf, as they’re worried that they might have to deal with this broken close-range Snakeshot meta in every match.

We’ll keep you updated on CharlieIntel with any balance changes for Warzone, but for now, make sure you check out the Dune Trial of Power event in Warzone.

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