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Warzone players looking to try out the new Uzrikstan map might have noticed that their rank has been reset, but why is this the case? Here’s everything you need to know.

Warzone Season 1 has dropped and players are waiting no time dropping in to try out all the new additions. The update brought the long-awaited Urzikstan map, along with a new Gulag and overhauled movement.

But those who spent hundreds of hours grinding Al Mazrah might be confused to see their level has been reset following the update, and all of their Prestige ranks have been stripped away.

So, why has your rank been reset in Warzone Season 1? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why has my rank reset in Warzone?

Every Warzone player’s rank has been reset because the game has now fully integrated with Modern Warfare 3. This means, like MW2 before it, the two titles share progress and your Warzone level will always be the same as your MW3 multiplayer rank going forward.

So, if you had been playing Modern Warfare 3 in the lead-up to Season 1, your Warzone rank has been changed to match your progress in multiplayer. On the other hand, if you don’t own a copy of MW3 your level has been reverted to the very beginning.

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The Season 1 update brought plenty of content to both MW3 and Warzone.

Before the Season 1 update went live, 55 was the maximum rank that MW3 players could reach, making it the highest starting point for Warzone players on Urzikstan. Luckily, the patch introduced the first batch of Prestige ranks to both games, giving them more room to progress.

There are currently five Prestiges to work through, with a new rank earned every 50 levels. More are expected to be added in future updates.

The good news is that weapon progress carries over from Al Mazrah and Modern Warfare 2, meaning that any camos and attachments unlocked before the update are still available on Urzikstan. However, the new guns will need to be leveled up from scratch if you haven’t been playing MW3 multiplayer already.

Although many Warzone players might be disappointed to see their ranks reset in Season 1 after so many months of effort, it does provide a clean slate for them to get back on the grind and try out the new Urzikstan map.

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