Warzone 2 Season 4 Ranked Play reset explained

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 Ranked Play OperatorsActivision

Warzone 2 Season 4 is set to be the first full season of Ranked Play. With every new season comes a Ranked Play reset, so let’s find out what that means for Warzone 2 players.

Warzone 2 Season 4 is right around the corner and the major update is set to deliver plenty of new content including new weapons, DMZ content, and the brand-new Vondel map. Alongside new content to refresh the battle royale, Warzone 2 players can expect a Ranked Play reset to arrive.

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Ranked Play resets are meant to level the playing field in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, and Season 4 is no exception. Let’s find out what the Warzone 2 Ranked Play reset entails and which Skill Division you’ll start in when Season 4 kicks off.

How does Ranked Play reset work in Warzone 2?

When Warzone 2 Ranked Play launched in Season 3 Reloaded, players took to grinding the competitive mode immediately. With only half a season to work with, the competition to reach the top Skill Divisions was a fierce one.

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Nonetheless, when a new Warzone 2 season commences, a Ranked Play reset comes into effect to knock players down a few notches.

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Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Skill DivisionsActivision
The Warzone 2 Ranked Play reset will send players back down the Skill Division ladder.

Here’s an overview of every rank reset in Warzone 2 Ranked Play:

  • Bronze → Bronze Tier 1
  • Silver → Bronze Tier 1
  • Gold → Silver Tier 1
  • Platinum → Gold Tier 1
  • Diamond → Platinum Tier 1
  • Crimson → Diamond Tier 1
  • Iridescent → Diamond Tier 1
  • Top 250 → Diamond Tier 1

Skill Divisions Silver through Crimson will be knocked back one Skill Division, while those who achieved Iridescent and Top 250 will get reset to Diamond. Players will start at Tier 1 of their new Division.

The Warzone 2 Ranked Play Skill Division you belong to at the end of Season 3 Reloaded, will dictate your new Skill Division at the start of Season 4. In other words, the Ranked Play reset is influenced by your final Skill Division placement and not your highest Skill Division placement throughout the season.

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Keep in mind that, Demotion Protection will kick for your first three matches of a new season, as you attempt to work your way back up the Skill Divisions.

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