MW3 devs tease “massive” post-launch movement changes

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operators

Following all the well-received movement changes in Modern Warfare 3, the game’s devs hinted at even more changes coming after the launch window, including the return of a beloved mechanic.

Modern Warfare 3 is in full swing as players climb through the ranks, striving to unlock each weapon within the game. A lot of content awaits players, be it delving into the first-ever Zombies mode for the MW saga or pursuing weapon camos in multiplayer.

Additionally, the devs made massive changes to multiplayer regarding movement, bringing back fan-favorite mechanics like slide cancel, cancel reload, and quick mantling. However, the players noticed the lack of a popular one.

Modern Warfare 3 to bring back bunny hopping

During the Pullze Check Q&A livestream, the MW3 devs confirmed that they’re working on “something like” bunny hopping and explained that it’s “something [they] are looking at” once the launch window has passed.

Bunny hopping is a movement mechanic where players decide to engage with opponents while jumping allowing you to shoot at players continuously without being an easy target. In previous titles, in order to achieve this, you’ll need to sprint, then jump while ADS-ing, and then initiate another jump as soon as you touch down.

While developers didn’t go into details of how the mechanic will work in Modern Warfare 3, Repullze believes that adding it “will avoid spamming” of reintroduced mechanics like the slide cancel.

Additionally, the SHG team also confirmed that they are working on allowing players to bind dive and slide to different buttons. This is set to allow players to take advantage of greater variety in movement, combining different mechanics to confront enemies.

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