Warzone’s new Infil Strikes inject much-needed chaos to Rebirth Island

Joseph Pascoulis
airstrike hitting tower on warzone rebirth island

Warzone’s Rebirth Island can be struck by Infil Strikes that completely alter aspects of the map, an injection of chaos that feels refreshing, and we want more.

Rebirth Island is back and better than ever in Warzone Season 3. Not only do all the classic POIs from the original Resurgence map return, but a new feature called Infil Strikes injects a refreshing element of variety into the map that feels amazing.

Infil Strikes are a new feature in Warzone exclusive to Rebirth Island that brings a chance of an airstrike strike randomly hitting a pool of selected POIs. These include the Lighthouse, Prison, and Water Tower.

One of these POIs is hit as you fly onto the map and you can see the impact from the plane. The Infil Strike completely alters the POI it hits, changing the feel and gameplay of the area. For example, if it hits the Prison, a section of the roof gets blown open, making it less safe to hold down as players can walk up and get sights on you from below.

This brings an element of variety and chaos to each Rebirth Island match on Warzone, and it’s exciting to see which POI will be targeted each time you load in.

Players agree as Infil Strikes have been praised all over Reddit and social media. One Reddit post highlighted a scenario where the HQ Tower next to the prison is hit with an Infil Strike, causing it to collapse. “That’s a pretty awesome feature,” said one user, while many others shared similar praise of the feature.

Under CharlieIntel’s post highlighting an Infil Strike hitting the Water Tower, comments read, “I like this, it makes water tower campers not annoying,” and, “This one [is] a W.” Some love the fact that the high towers on the map can be completely destroyed, even asking if they can make the Infil Strikes that hit the HQ and Water Towers permanent.

The feature is fun and exciting, adding a sense of chaotic surprise to each Warzone match on Rebirth Island. We’ve seen dynamic events for Warzone in the past such as fog on Vondel, but that’s nowhere near as interesting as airstrikes dooming random areas on the map each time you hop in.

I would love to see similarly entertaining dynamic events employed throughout Warzone in different forms, not just on Rebirth Island, as the rest of the game could benefit greatly from an injection of variety.