Warzone players sick of their favorite MW2 guns being “unusable”

Aakash Regmi
Warzone player holding rifle behind cover

Warzone features weapons from both MW2 and MW3, but players are now saying they do not see any point in bringing MW2 weapons across when “they’re all trash.”

It is time for the mid-season reloaded updates in Warzone and MW3. Season 2 Reloaded sees two new weapon additions to the game in SOA Subverter and Soulrender, with plenty of other new content and changes across the board. 

While new updates continue to add new weapons, several older ones have been left behind, and a good pile of MW2 guns is no longer in meta contention. Warzone did feature weapons from multiple titles in the past as well, but now players claim there is no point in it when previous ones never receive any attention past integration. 

Reddit user ‘Loud-Storage7262’ pointed this out in the CODWarzone subreddit. The OP said, “No point in bringing them across as none of them have gotten any attention or can contend with the MW3 guns and their insane TTK.”

Many agreed that they’re no longer viable and that they’d love to play them, “I like them, but none of them can actually kill someone within 10 shots.” Another user said, “I miss using my Lachman sub and 556. Loved those guns but they unusable now.”

Some said they still use MW2 weapons, even if they don’t perform well, “I still primarily use the M13B and M4. There’s time I know I’ve lost because of using them but it’s what I enjoy.”

Others pointed out why they feel that’s the case: “Every choice they make with regards to balance is to get people to either buy mw3 or buy skin packs from the store. It’s been this way since the beginning.” Another player added, “MW2 guns/cosmetics were carried over to keep sales of bundles/items from the shop up during the end of MW2. It was a marketing decision only.”

Meanwhile, others said Warzone would greatly benefit if they were removed altogether, “Wish they would get rid of them all tbh. And the attachments. Game is a bloated mess of s**t nobody is using.”

Some players, however, pointed out that not all weapons are useless, “The only viable MW2 guns I use in MW3 are the ISO 9mm, Vel 46, FSS Hurricane, and Bas-P.”

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