MW3 and Warzone players slam “trash” new Conversion Kit that makes weak gun worse

Joseph Pascoulis
akimbo mw2 basilisk with jak gunslinger AMP in mw3

The July 10 update for MW3 and Warzone introduced the JAK Gunslinger Conversion Kit, which hasn’t exactly turned heads, as many have labeled it a major disappointment.

Some Aftermarket Parts become instant hits when they’re introduced, like the JAK Glassless Optic, which continues to be a popular attachment in both MW3 and Warzone.

However, some are more on the fun side of things and aren’t powerful enough to break the meta. That’s exactly where players have placed the new JAK Gunslinger Conversion Kit for MW2’s Basilisk Hangun.

After unlocking and using the new AMP, players were quick to call it “trash” and “underwhelming.”

The Conversion Kit allows the Basilisk to hold 8 rounds instead of 5, and it also greatly increases the pistol’s fire rate and recoil control, letting you spam bullets with a fast trigger finger, much like something out of a Western film.

Call of Duty meta loadout provider, WZStatsGG, even claimed that the weapon is better off without the Conversion Kit in MW3’s multiplayer, as up to 8 meters, it takes two shots to the chest to kill, while it only takes one without the attachment at the same range.

As for Warzone, popular YouTuber JGOD was hysterically laughing when using the new AMP in the firing range, as he said it’s “probably fun in MP, but 8 bullets without snakeshots is a little too limiting for WZ IMO.”

Not every new Aftermarket Part released can be meta, some are meant to be a bit of fun for players to enjoy. It seems this is the direction the devs decided to go with the JAK Gunslinger, and while most are slamming it, some are having fun with the Conversion Kit.

One Reddit user shared a clip of them using the new attachment in MW3 multiplayer, as they said, “It’s definitely not meta but it’s really fun.” Others chimed in through the comments, “I ran around with it in 10v10 earlier today using the gunslinger vest. It was good fun ngl.”

That said, it’s best to avoid it if you’re looking for something powerful that will shred enemies in both MW3 and Warzone. You’ll find a meta pick in the Assault Rifle category, as it’s home to some of the best options in the battle royale.