Warzone & MW3 devs bring highly requested Gunsmith change in Season 2 Reloaded

Max Candelarezi
Gunsmith Operator Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded has finally made its way to Warzone and MW3 bringing a ton of content. Unexpectedly, the devs have also introduced some highly requested quality-of-life changes involving the game’s Gunsmith.

MW3 and Warzone Season 2 Reloaded have arrived further expanding the new content available by introducing two new weapons, such as the SOA Subverter and Soulrender, several buffs and nerfs, and more.

Additionally, the dev team introduced a wide variety of quality-of-life improvements set to solve some players’ concerns regarding how the game works. Among them, they decided to update the Gunsmith making slight modifications to be able to navigate the feature more quickly and efficiently.

As stated in the Season 2 Reloaded patch notes, MW3 and Warzone’s Gunsmith now allow players to filter attachments by subcategories. This means players will be able to search for specific types of Optics, Muzzles, and Underbarrels.

Additionally, Warzone devs have shared that players can now “instantly swap loadouts in the pre-match lobby,” meaning they won’t have to die and respawn in order to use their new loadout selection in Warzone.

Since the Carry Forward feature brought a lot of MW2’s content to MW3 and Warzone, players were faced with a huge section of attachments for each category that complicated the effective selection of each one.

But after a long wait, they can now have the opportunity to easily create their loadouts by being able to perform specific searches on attachments and selecting the most useful one.

Also, they’ll have the chance to test the loadouts immediately in Warzone’s pre-match lobby, modifying their selection in real-time to ensure they have gathered the best loadout for the match and therefore dominate the game.

For more on Warzone, be sure to check out the devs’ response to the controversial playlist update in Season 2 Reloaded or how to unlock the Quarters Classic Reflex Optic.

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