Warzone players slam “horrible” weapon class in desperate need of buffs

Max Candelarezi
DM56 MCW 6.8 Marksman Rifles Warzone

Due to the extensive number of weapons and categories available in Warzone, choosing the best one is challenging. However, players believe that one, in particular, needs a massive buff given their current “horrible” state.

Warzone Season 2 is well underway bringing a ton of content players can enjoy. This includes new weapons such as the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 Assault Rifle, as well as major buffs and nerfs that shifted the meta.

Although Assault Rifles and SMGs are usually favored within the battle royale, players noticed that Marksman Rifles couldn’t compete with them given they aren’t as powerful.

This led user ‘SnooTigers8974’ to ask the Warzone subreddit, “Why are marksman rifles so horrible?” and continued, “How is it that SMGs are superior to MM rifles on range? No wonder these weapons aren’t used anywhere.”

Adding to the OP’s concern, another user shared, “Marksman rifles have the same problem as shotguns, that is if they’re good at all they’re dominant and annoying just by virtue of how they play.” A third player added, “Crazy that it’s the same for SNIPERS. They hate snipers and marksman rifles in this game. Just a fact.”

Despite some players managing to enjoy the weapon category in Warzone, they think they are “hard to balance.” User ‘ltvdriver’ explained that ARs are easier to tweak, while Marksman Rifles can be drastically improved after a small buff so “devs leave them in a weaker state instead of OP.”

To solve this, another user chimed in saying, “Marksman [Rifles] need their own ammo type that’s better than an AR but worse than a Sniper.” This would allow the devs to improve the category, while not unbalancing the whole weapon roster.

While it remains unknown if Raven Software will improve the Marksman Rifles in the future, the dev team generally performs weapon balancing with the release of each season and mid-season update. This means the weapon category could improve if they decide to do so.

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