Warzone players surprised hated rifle actually “slaps” after buff

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The arsenal of guns in Warzone received plenty of major changes in Season 2 and players are “pleasantly surprised” to find that the rifle regarded as the game’s worst gun is actually a decent option since the update.

The Warzone meta was given yet another major shake-up in Season 2, thanks to the arrival of the BP50 and RAM-9. It also brought a slew of weapon buffs and nerfs to the existing lineup, drastically altering which guns are the most popular.

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Since the update, a number of already powerful picks have become the go-to options, such as the SVA 545 and WSP-9. Meanwhile, some of the weapons that had been all but forgotten about have been made viable.

One of these is the Sidewinder, which many Warzone and MW3 players had considered to be the worst gun in the game since launch. However, in Season 2, it appears that the divisive Battle Rifle may actually be worth running, as Reddit user ‘NAaaoooooo’ explained.

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“I can’t believe I’m saying this because for a long time I hated this weapon, but here goes. When set up properly, the Sidewinder f**kin’ slaps,” said the OP. “Minimal recoil, down enemies with 3 plates in 4 shots. Good range on it too.”

The Sidewinder was handed a buff to its bullet velocity and a reduction in recoil and gun kick, which many other players agreed has given it a fighting chance in Warzone Season 2.

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“Yeah it hits like a train. Built in the right way this thing is brutal paired with an SMG,” said one reply, with another adding: “Had an old setup that was garbage season 1, decided to f**k around with it after season 2 and it just owns.”

All this being said, there were still a handful of players who weren’t convinced by the Sidewinder’s credentials despite the improvements.

“The slow fire rate and vapor trails from the bullets make it one of the worst guns in the game IMO,” argued another fan. “There are no redeeming qualities to that gun.”

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Only time will tell if the Sidewinder grows in popularity as the season unfolds. But with fellow Battle Rifle, BAS-B, catching a nerf, another buff in the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update could easily propel it into the meta conversation.

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