MW3 players already slam “trash” new weapon before it’s even released

Nathan Warby
MW3 player using knife

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded is around the corner and it’s set to bring even more new weapons to the game, but players have already labeled one of the new offerings completely “pointless.”

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 continued the tradition of releasing new guns with each major update. The BP50 has become one of the game’s most popular Assault Rifles, while the RAM-9 has dominated the close-range meta.

There’s still more to come though, as Season 2 Reloaded promises to add more new weapons to the arsenal. The Battle Rifle category is getting a new face in the SOA Subverter, as well as a new melee option – the Soulrender.

However, Modern Warfare 3 players are already taking issue with the new sword ahead of its upcoming release.

Reddit user ‘Loot_Merchant’ shared a post asking: “Am I the only one that thinks this weapon will be trash when it comes out?” Plenty of other fans responded, agreeing that the new melee weapon is unlikely to be a popular pick when it arrives.

“Nearly all melee weapons became trash with the lunge nerf so probably,” said one reply, referencing the reduction in how far a blade can swipe forward that was introduced in Season 2.

Other Modern Warfare 3 players even questioned the decision to add more melee weapons into the game, as they felt the Soulrender wouldn’t be a match for the existing options.

“More than trash I say [it] is kinda pointless,” argued one player. “In a world where the Dual Kodachis exists, plus three different types of knife, what is the point of a sword?”

However, there were a handful of replies that were more positive towards the Soulrender and the opportunities it could present.

“Could be cool for zombies maybe PaP will do something special,” said a more optimistic reply, before another added: “Gonna run it on the ninja build. S**t like that is fun. Game being more fun = better for the game.”

We’ll have to wait for the Soulrender to arrive in MW3 Season 2 Reloaded to see exactly how it fairs against the best weapons in the game. Players will be hoping that it finds its place, even if it is just in Zombies.

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