Warzone players jealous of “fantastic” mobile menu UI

Max Candelarezi
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Players are already enjoying Warzone Mobile in some regions as the game’s launch approaches. However, after an update to the game’s UI, PC and console players shared their frustration over the “fantastic” menu design.

Warzone Season 2 was introduced to the game on February 7, bringing plenty of new content, including fresh weaponry, massive buffs and nerfs, and the long-awaited return of Fortune’s Keep.

However, following the introduction of the COD HQ along with the previous iteration of Warzone, players have slammed the updated design of the game’s menus, being described as confusing and overwhelming, making it challenging for them to navigate.

This got worse after the latest UI layout update of the game’s mobile version, Warzone Mobile, where PC and console players quickly showed their jealousy of the mobile UI update, defining it as “clean” and “fantastic.”

“You know we’re cooked when mobile looks better,” a user expressed in the replies of CharlieIntel’s post sharing the updated UI menus. “Who would have thought, less is more,” another player jokingly commented, comparing it to how clustered the PC and console UI menus are.

However, another player pointed out that mobile games were the reason why the COD HQ was added in the first place, stating that Warzone Mobile moving to a better one makes the PC and console situation even worse.

In an attempt to resolve this situation, one user declared that, at this point, everyone “should all move to mobile,” and another player noted that “mobile is better and more popular.”

While it is unknown if this could positively impact the PC and console menus, the inclusion of COD HQ made clear Call of Duty’s position of having all titles under the same UI, engine, and application.

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