Best Warzone Fortune’s Keep landing spots for wins & high-kill games

Warzone operators in Fortune's Keep

If you want to be victorious on the new Fortune’s Keep map, then you’ll need to start off at the right landing spot, and we’ve got all the best ones in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

The Warzone Pacific Season 4 update has added a plethora of fun content for players to enjoy, including the brand-new Fortune’s Keep map that is slightly bigger than the fan-favorite Rebirth Island.

With the arrival of this brand-new location, players will be wondering what are the best areas on the map to land on. We’ll go over the best landing spots on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

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Warzone operators on Fortune's Keep

Best Warzone Fortune’s Keep landing spots


You’ll want to get your hands on some loot and weapons as soon as you arrive on Fortune’s Keep so we recommend landing at the Town POI at the start of a Warzone match. This area features plenty of loot for you and your squad to collect.

However, this location is extremely dangerous as you’ll encounter quite a few enemy players here. You can choose to battle them or simply leave the Town after looting some of the houses and buildings.

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Town in Warzone Fortune's Keep


Winery is a great spot if you’re looking to secure a lot of kills early in the game. While it has less loot than the Town POI, you’ll still find plenty of guns and cash to collect after landing there.

You’ll need to be ready to immediately battle enemies as you’ll constantly encounter squads around this POI. So we recommend gearing up quickly and taking out anyone that you run into before moving on to another location.

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Winer in Warzone Fortune's Keep


Keep is the largest POI on Fortune’s Keep and has various rooms that are filled with weapons as well as other loot for you to collect. You can land there if you’re looking to stock up quickly before rotating somewhere else.

The interiors of this POI feature consist of various narrow corridors and rooms that are ideal for close-range combat. For this reason, we recommend picking up a powerful SMG as soon as you arrive here.

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Keep POI Fortune's Keep Warzone


If you’re looking for a safer spot to land where you can collect some loot and weapons without having to battle players right away then we recommend heading to the Overlook POI near the back corner of the map.

This area doesn’t have as much loot as the previous two locations, but there’s a buy station nearby where you can buy loadouts. You’ll encounter fewer players here than at Town or Winery.

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Landing at Overlook will ensure a more relaxed start to your game, and you can then rotate to other areas of the map from there once you’re prepared to take on greater opposition from enemy players.

Samantha Maxis using Buy Station in Warzone

That covers all of the best landing spots on Fortune’s Keep. Since the map just arrived, we recommend exploring all the different POIs as you might encounter fun surprises and hidden easter eggs.

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Image credits: Activision