Warzone players furious over increased WZ Mobile lobby size

Aakash Regmi
Verdansk dam in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile is said to feature a lobby with a higher player count than its PC and console counterpart, and this has players unhappy, claiming it is getting all the features Warzone players have been “begging since months.”  

Warzone Mobile is nearing its March 21 release, and it packs everything you’d expect from the title, with the progression being shared across platforms. It isn’t just bringing the hit battle royal to mobile phones, though, as it also features a traditional multiplayer mode with fan-favorite maps like Shipment. 

Outside of the usual, Warzone Mobile is also introducing several new features that are different from the console versions. One is the player count being 120 instead of the current 100. 

While that is neat for mobile players, many Warzone players have been demanding an increased lobby size, and are now baffled that it is happening on mobile but not on consoles and PC.

On Charlie Intel’s X (formerly Twitter) post detailing the many Playlists available in Warzone Mobile, players quickly took notice of Verdansk having 120 players.

A user wrote “More players in mobile lobbies… actually crazy.” Another player commented, “Mobile got everything PC and console players begging since months for but what we get is a new Battle riffle.”

Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah did have a 150-player lobby, and the initial announcement was instantly met with praise from the community. But it was later reverted to 100 following the release of Season 5. Even the original Verdansk supported a lobby of 150 players, but current Urzikstan lobbies in Warzone pits only 100 players.

Several players said the Mobile version is getting more love from Activision than the original one, “Mobile eating better than us rn,” and that many will start flocking to Warzone Mobile instead because of it, “Mobile numbers are gonna [increase] and CoD is going to see how they dropped the ball. If the servers for WZ 1 were up I’ll be on that instead of this WZ.”

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