Warzone devs explain Mobile’s larger lobby size after player complaints

Max Candelarezi

Since Warzone Mobile’s announcement players have voiced their frustration about the mobile version having more players than the PC and console version. Luckily, Warzone devs have finally shared the reason behind it.

Warzone is receiving content everywhere, from the Season 2 Reloaded update introducing a new POI in Fortune’s Keep to the Warzone Mobile’s launch featuring Verdansk and Rebirth Island’s return, the battle royale title is capturing everyone’s attention.

However, after Warzone Mobile‘s reveal, many players noticed the mobile version has up to 120 real players per match, whereas the PC and console version is capped at 100 players. Luckily, WZ developers have explained the reason behind the player count difference.

During an interview with IGN, Chris Plummer, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of Mobile at Activision said the reason behind Warzone’s PC and console version being limited to 100 players “isn’t the technical limitation” but “design choices.”

Plummer went over by explaining that design decisions are based on “checking out how people are playing, where the pockets of action are, where certain things happen in the journey of playing the map, and when it gets exciting or boring.”

He wrapped by emphasizing that Warzone Mobile is going through a different phase compared to its console and PC counterpart, where “the feel is different, the flow is different, and the pacing is different.” Highlighting these variables can lead to any of the platforms “changing and dialing up or down the player counts.”

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