Will Warzone Mobile replace Call of Duty Mobile?

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Warzone Mobile is almost here, bringing the battle royale to handheld devices across the globe, but what will happen to CoD Mobile? Here’s everything you need to know about whether Warzone Mobile will be replacing Call of Duty: Mobile.

Warzone Mobile is coming in hot, bringing the iconic Call of Duty battle royale to mobile devices on March 21, 2024. The game features lots of highly anticipated content, such as the return of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

On top of battle royale, Warzone Mobile will also feature a small multiplayer mode, featuring core modes like TDM and Domination, as well as fan-favorite maps such as Shipment and Shoothouse.

This has left some CoD Mobile players wondering what will happen to the game upon Warzone Mobile’s launch, and if it will be replaced or continue being supported.

Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Warzone Mobile will replace CoD Mobile.

Is Warzone Mobile replacing CoD Mobile?

Warzone Mobile is not replacing CoD Mobile, as the two will remain separate entities for Warzone Mobile’s launch on March 21, 2024.

Call of Duty Mobile will continue to be supported alongside Warzone Mobile for the time being with new seasons and content. However, Microsoft have stated that CoD Mobile will be “phased out” following the release of Warzone Mobile.

This has not been confirmed by Activision, and the CoD Mobile devs have stated that they will continue to provide new seasons and content, with no plans of change. We’ll update this piece with any confirmation that comes out so stay tuned.

CoD: Mobile hosts an abundance of game modes and is more related to the classic multiplayer mode that Call of Duty has become famous for. Warzone Mobile is a handheld version of the Call of Duty battle royale game that has a small multiplayer mode to allow players to level up guns faster and experience something different from BR.

If you enjoy multiplayer more than battle royale, you may still want to play Call of Duty Mobile, whereas battle royale enjoyers will take to Warzone Mobile.

The experience is different between the two games, and while CoD Mobile does have its own battle royale mode, Warzone Mobile’s is modeled after the PC and console version of the battle royale.

The CoD Mobile devs have confirmed that while they intend to continue releasing new content and seasons for the game post Warzone Mobile’s launch, maps “Shoot House and Alcatraz” will be leaving the game temporarily, returning later in the year.

Warzone Mobile players can expect something similar or better than CoD Mobile in terms of graphics and gameplay, as well as crossplay and cross-progression capabilities for Warzone Mobile.

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