Warzone players claim MW3 update broke the game: “They don’t care anymore”

Max Candelarezi
MW3 OperatorActivision

Modern Warfare 3 has finally reached players’ hands, who are enjoying and diving into all the content, however, Warzone players on the other side aren’t so happy, as they claim the MW3 update has broken the game.

Even though all eyes are on Modern Warfare 3 upon its release on November 10, Warzone players are also enjoying all the content that The Haunting event has brought to the game.

The Halloween-themed season has allowed players to enjoy nighttime versions of Al Mazrah and Vondel, as well as a ton of collaborations with popular characters.

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However, after updating MW3 for its launch, the free-to-play game’s community has noticed that the game is not working correctly, and they have pointed the finger at the new premium CoD title as being responsible for this.

“Great visual update!” shared a player user in Warzone‘s subreddit alongside a video showcasing the game menus in chaos as the characters and objects are transformed into white silhouettes against a pitch-black background.

Numerous players have expressed their frustration regarding the visual glitch, with some of them reporting, “I have a bug that looks like this too since the new patch.” This issue has arisen following the substantial +100GB update that was introduced upon the launch of MW3.

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However, the issues persist as another user posted a video showcasing in-game glitches, with surroundings appearing distorted and textures failing to load properly.

“At this point they just don’t care anymore” expressed a lack of confidence in any imminent solution. Another player joined in, stating, “Haven’t touched the game in forever. This just confirms I should stay away.”

While it is unknown if Call of Duty plans to release a new update to solve these problems, Warzone players feel that with the launch of MW3, they have been forgotten, and only hope this will be resolved soon so they can continue to enjoy the game.

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