MW3 players furious as Warzone’s “invisible” Gaia skin is already ruining matches

Nathan Warby
Gaia Groot skin in MW3 & WarzoneActivision

Thanks to the Carry Forward feature, Modern Warfare 3 players have most of their unlocks from MW2 and Warzone ready and waiting for them on day one. However, the controversial “Groot” skin from Warzone’s The Haunting event is already causing issues for many fans.

Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, bringing a ton of new features to try out. With the launch of Sledgehammer’s latest title, players have plenty of fresh weapons to unlock, as well as the new After Markets Parts to help them build the best loadout.

Unlike most new CoD games, however, MW3 fans don’t need to start completely from scratch. With the Carry Forward system, unlocked weapons, Blueprints, camos, and more from Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are available from day one.

However, it didn’t take long for a controversial Warzone Operator to wreak havoc in early Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer matches.

Shortly after the game’s servers went live, Reddit user ‘jamesswazz’ posted to call out the Gaia skin, which the community often nicknames “Evil Groot.” The OP said: “This skin needs a nerf, it is so OP in estate and wasteland. Literally invisible.”

The Gaia or Groot skin is available as part of the Warzone and MW2 Season 6 Battle Pass as part of The Haunting event, but it quickly became divided among players. During the Halloween event, Al Mazrah was given a nighttime overhaul and many found the character impossible to see.

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Now it seems that Gaia’s tree-like design is causing issues in Modern Warfare 3 as well, especially on dark or woodland maps like Estate, Wasteland, and Underpass. In fact, many other players felt the issue was “way worse on MW3.”

Agreed just hopped on for over 3 hours starting at midnight and I can confirm this skin is OP as f**k on a lot of maps in a lot of areas,” said one player, before another added: “Just delete it entirely.”

While there were many calls for the Groot skin to be removed altogether, others argued that a change to its design could easily solve the problem.

“They need to simply make it a solid skin, not see-through,” argued one fan. “Make the eyes a bit more glowy as well and then it would be perfectly fine.”

Only time will tell if the devs decide to address this issue in the future. While it’s unlikely the paid Operator will be removed entirely, they could tweak the design in an upcoming update.

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