MW3 riddled with bugs after “broken” Season 3 Reloaded update

Nathan Warby
MW3 players guarding flag on Favela

Modern Warfare 3 players are calling out the state of the game following the Season 3 Reloaded update, as matches have been overrun with frustrating bugs since the patch went live.

The MW3 Season 3 Reloaded update brought plenty of content to multiplayer, from the new BAL-27 to the Arcade playlist. However, it also introduced a number of bugs and glitches that have made it a frustrating experience so far.

Since the patch rolled out on May 1, an issue with the Auto Tac Sprint setting has made it impossible to reload their weapon, especially while sprinting, meaning you have to stop running to top up your ammo. The devs have already acknowledged the problem and have recommended players turn the setting off while they work on a fix.

But that isn’t the only feature that’s been malfunctioning since the mid-season patch, as the audio has been missing when carrying out certain actions, such as reloading or opening a door.

On top of all this, the animation when throwing Lethal Equipment hasn’t been working probably. Instead of seeing your Operator throw the Grenade as normal, after a brief stutter the object is suddenly thrown from the bottom of the screen.

I’ve run into all these issues in my own matches during Season 3 Reloaded, but there are also other issues that players have been reporting.

Reddit user ‘FuzzyHotel6180‘ claimed the “update ruined the game” and mentioned that movement feels slower and more sluggish than before, something that multiple other replies agreed with. Meanwhile, some mentioned that matches were extremely laggy and in some cases crashed altogether, especially on Xbox consoles.

There were plenty of other posts across both Reddit and X from angry players, calling the patch a “disaster” and begging the devs to fix issues as soon as possible.

“So everything in MW3 is broken right now got it,” said one post, while another said: “This is still the only video game I’ve ever owned that gets worse after updates.”

As mentioned before, the devs are already looking into the reloading issue, and a fix for the remaining bugs and performance issues shouldn’t be too far behind. Players will be hoping that the problems get resolved sooner rather than later, so they can get back to grinding the new Prestige Camos.