MW3 devs finally respond to lag getting worse each season

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operators standing together with one firing gun

The Call of Duty devs have finally responded to the MW3 lag issues players have been experiencing for many seasons, which some even claim were made worse with the Season 4 Reloaded update.

The packet burst problem in Modern Warfare 3 has been ruining matches across multiple updates now, and some even believe that the issue is becoming worse with each major update for the title.

The problem doesn’t seem to be caused by personal connection issues, as players have reported a smooth experience when playing other online games. After investigating, many claim that their connection is absolutely fine and isn’t the culprit behind the high latency.

Some suggest it’s likely a server issue, as it’s affecting many players across the globe. The lag is widespread, but the devs finally offered a response on July 10, 2024, through a post on X.

The response provides some hope, as they claim to be investigating the reports of “lag and/or packet burst issues.”

The devs also claim that “some mitigations” have already been pushed live, and that they are committed to providing further improvements.

In the comments of the X post, players are hopeful, as one user said, “this could be monumental,” while another said, “finally.”

On the flip side, other players aren’t too happy about how long it has taken for the issue to be addressed: “It’s been… months…. y’all just acknowledging this now?” Unfortunately, some have been experiencing the issue since Season 2 or earlier, and some have even stopped playing the game as a result.

The response didn’t come with any solid dates or timeline for fixes, but with Season 5 on the horizon, Modern Warfare 3 players will hope that they come soon, especially since the game will likely get a huge influx if the Xbox Game Pass leaks are true.

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