MW3 “unplayable” as lag spikes and packet loss ruin matches

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator pointing gun at enemy on the floor

MW3 players are claiming that lag spikes are ruining multiplayer matches after the Season 4 update, making the game “unplayable.”

Lag spikes and connection issues can happen in MW3, especially if the servers have reported issues. That said, so long as your connection is stable, you wouldn’t expect to experience lag in every match.

However, that’s exactly what players are reportedly experiencing in MW3, as they claim the game is “unplayable” after the Season 4 update, with many sharing their laggy experiences on Reddit.

In the clips shared on the MW3 subreddit, the lag makes it difficult for players to get around the map and get kills, as they experience choppy gameplay, rubber banding, and even episodes of slow motion.

The lag hits players despite them having a strong connection too, as one player explained, “I have wired 1500MB internet, ever since Season 4 rolled out I have been experiencing unbelievable and unbearable lag spikes and it all occurs on low ping.”

Some are even claiming that it’s happening every game they play, leaving them extremely frustrated. According to one Reddit comment, MW3’s “network stability” gets worse with each major update, as they believe there’s “underlying issues” with the game’s netcode.

In fact, some comments make it clear that they are only getting lag in MW3, as when they play other titles, they don’t experience a bad connection. This backs up the argument that it has something to do with MW3’s servers as opposed to personal connection issues.

It’s unclear what the problem is and Sledgehammer Games are yet to respond to the lag spikes, but if anything changes we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

This isn’t the first time players have called the game unplayble either, as a similar situation occurred when the game first launched. Hopefully, Black Ops 6‘s launch is a smooth experience, as Treyarch are set to reveal more about the new multiplayer at CoD Next.

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