Warzone players slam “unplayable” servers since MW3 launch

Nathan Warby
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Modern Warfare 3 has finally arrived, meaning many Warzone players have temporarily jumped back over to multiplayer. However, those who stuck with the battle royale are reporting that the servers have been “unplayable” since MW3 dropped.

Modern Warfare 3 has been a big hit since it arrived on November 10, as fans enjoy getting stuck into new features like After Market Parts and the 16 classic maps from MW2 (2009). Meanwhile, there are still plenty of players grinding Warzone instead of or alongside the new multiplayer.

Warzone Season 6 is still ongoing, with the battle royale set to be integrated with MW3 as part of the Season 1 update, but many have noticed an increase in bugs since the new title arrived.

Now, Warzone players have hit out at the number of server issues they’ve faced since Modern Warfare 3 launched, claiming they’re ruining the experience for them.

Reddit user ‘Asen’ posted saying that “Warzone servers [are] unplayable almost every day” following the arrival of MW3. They also shared a clip of their recent matches, showing them lagging into walls and stuttering while landing in.

Plenty of other players responded reporting similar issues, mainly packet burst that causes their games to drop in frame rate.

“Trying to have a few games tonight & the packet burst is just horrendous. Not even remotely playable,” said one reply, before another added: “They really f***ing up everything.”

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Other players even mentioned that they were struggling to connect to Warzone matches in the first place, struggling to find a lobby large enough for the game to start. In other cases, they were placed into a game but with no other players to hunt down.

“Bro I was playing Plunder and had this happen – ended up dropping back into a game of resurgence with no one in the lobby. Like 100 ℅ empty. No gas at all,” said ‘ Glen_Myers.’ “Just ran around Vondel for an hour opening every crate / bag/ first aid kit and bathroom mirror. Got bored and left.”

While some felt the devs “purposely do this to get folks to buy” the new game, it’s worth noting that packet burst has also been an issue for Modern Warfare 3 players since day one.

Fans will be hoping that the server issues are fixed in both MW3 and Warzone by the time the integration happens, bringing the full arsenal of new weapons to the battle royale.

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