MW3 Season 5 release date, WWE crossover, new weapons & cel-shaded map variants

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MW3 cel-shaded Operator and map

Modern Warfare 3 is set for another massive update with Season 5, further expanding its content for players to enjoy. The devs provided a first look at the upcoming WWE crossover and the full slate of content that’s going to highlight the major seasonal update.

Here’s all you need to know about the MW3 Season 5 update.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 5 release date

MW3 Season 5 arrives on Wednesday, July 24, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

MW3 Warzone Season 5 roadmap

Keep in mind that this is subject to change, as the developers can always delay the fifth season’s launch. We’ll be sure to update this section if any changes to the release date are announced.

New weapons, Equipment & Aftermarket Parts in MW3 Season 5


  • Static-HV SMG – Battle Pass Sector 6
  • STG Assault Rifle – Battle Pass Sector 7
  • Spear Melee weapon – Mid-Season
  • Torque 35 Launcher – Mid-Season

Four new weapons are coming to MW3 throughout Season 5, with two arriving at launch. Call of Duty fans will be familiar with the classic STG Assault Rifle.


  • JAK Widemouth Barrel – MORS
  • JAK Slash – Several weapons
  • JAK Protean – RAAL LMG
  • JAK Cataclysm – RPK
  • JAK Devastators – Reclaimer 18
  • JAK Deathmarch – BAL-27

Six new Aftermarket Parts will feature in Season 5, with most being unlockable through Weekly Challenges.


  • EMP Grenade

This new piece of Equipment is meant to deactivate and disrupt electronics for a short time. While targeting enemy Equipment is its main use, the devs explained that if no enemy Equipment was affected, “you’ll still negatively impact the HUD of any enemies caught in the blast.”

MW3 Season 5 new maps & modes


  • Bait – Core 6v6 map
  • Yard – Core 6v6 map
  • Celship – Cel-shaded version of Shipment
  • Toonoxide – Cel-shaded version of Rust
  • Ink House – Cel-shaded version of Stash House

Bait and Yard are the two brand-new multiplayer maps in Season 5. Bait takes players to the Sunshine State where they’ll battle it out amidst a restaurant, boat house, and bait shop.

Meanwhile, Yard is located in the Sonoran Desert and the battleground is a “dusty junkyard.” While Yard is a cel-shaded map, it is a brand-new battleground and not a variant.

The cel-shaded variants include Celship, Toonoxide, and Ink House. The devs confirmed that more cel-shaded variants would arrive in addition to these three.


  • Slam Deathmatch
  • COD Warrior

Slam Deathmatch is a WWE-themed version of Team Deathmatch. In this mode, kills are still king, but “weapons can only down your enemies.” To earn a point for your team, you’ll have to eliminate the downed enemy with a Finishing Move.

In this limited-time mode, “All Finishing Moves will be randomized WWE Finishing Moves.”

Then, COD Warrior brings mini-games to the game. Players will be divided into three teams of two, where they’ll compete in various mini-games. For example, the Shoot! mini-game forces players to spawn in a circle with everyone using the TYR Handgun. You’ll need to act quickly to secure victory.

WWE x MW3 collab

A WWE collaboration is coming to Modern Warfare 3 Season 5. Alongside wrestling-inspired modes and events, WWE Operators are coming to the game, including Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley (Mami).

Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio will receive their own bundles available for purchase in the store, while Ripley’s character Mami will arrive via the Battle Pass.


  • Valeria Garza – Battle Pass
  • Mami – Battle Pass
  • Ivan – Battle Pass
  • Reckoner – BlackCell Battle Pass
  • Rey Mysterio – Bundle
  • Cody Rhodes – Bundle

While we touched on the WWE Operators making their way to the game, the Season 5 Battle Pass also features the notorious Valeria. Ivan is another Operator who will be part of the Battle Pass rewards. Meanwhile, Reckoner is the exclusive BlackCell Operator for Season 5.


  • WWE SummerSlam event (July 31 – August 7)
  • Conquest Event (August 7 – August 14)
  • Echo Endo Live! Field Rep (August 14 – August 21)

The first major event of Season 5 is the WWE SummerSlam event which will take place between July 31 and August 7. While we don’t know the full slate of rewards just yet, the event fits the WWE theme perfectly

Ray Mysterio in MW3

More events are expected to arrive in Season 5 Reloaded, so we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the rewards you can secure.

To continue dominating before the update arrives, check out the best loadout for the fan-favorite Kar98k which returned in Season 4, as well as the best controller and audio settings to dominate the game.

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