Frustrating MW3 bug completely throws your aim off

Max Candelarezi
MW3 player aiming

Since its launch, MW3 has suffered a huge number of glitches and after the Season 2 Reloaded update, players have detected a bug that doesn’t allow them to aim correctly and get kills which is driving them crazy.

Season 2 Reloaded is fully underway in MW3, bringing a ton of new content into the game, including a revamped version of the Das Haus map, new weapons, the SOA Subverter and Soulrender, along with massive buffs and nerfs to the existing gun roster.

However, despite the wide variety of content and events introduced, players have found another bug preventing them from getting kills by randomly moving their crosshairs up without touching the right stick or mouse.

Reddit user ‘OfficialNotSoRants’ shared this MW3 bug and asked the community if they were experiencing this issue when playing the game. To no one’s surprise, players confirmed this was constantly happening regardless of the platform.

“Man i tought i was going crazy, this happened to me a lot of times (m&k),” a player shared in the comments. Another user agreed, stating, “Same thing happens to me constantly and I knew it was a cod thing because my controller doesn’t have this issue on any other game.”

“Oh it drives me nuts. Every time I respawn,” a third MW3 player added. While no solution has been found yet, players have noticed this glitch usually happens right after spawning in a match or releasing the trigger.

“I made a post and got flamed for it,” Reddit user ‘No-Row4416’ pointed out, and followed, “I used the same controller for other games and no problem with it. Strange.” A second user added, “I almost bought a new controller because I thought I was getting drift.”

At the time of writing, SHG haven’t provided any details about the cause of this bug in the game. However, we’ll be sure to update this piece if any new information becomes available.

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