MW3 players roast matchmaking slower than an Xbox 360 game

Nathan Warby
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Modern Warfare 3 players have been going back to the original CoD 4, and many are surprised by how much quicker the matchmaking speeds are compared to the newer title.

Modern Warfare 3 has enjoyed a successful start since arriving at the backend of 2023. Players have loved the opportunity to hop back into classic maps, and regular updates like the recent Season 1 Reloaded have kept them satisfied with new content.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however, as a number of complaints have come up time and time again. One of these is matchmaking speeds, with many claiming it takes too long to find a match, leaving them sitting in the lobby rather than playing.

Now, this issue has come up once again, as MW3 players have realized that the original CoD 4 finds matches faster.

Reddit user ‘GunnaYs’ shared a post asking, “How come MW3 can’t find games this fast?” They included a clip showing them being dropped into a match on Showdown just seconds after hitting search, before they’d even had time to edit their classes.

“This game came out 16 years ago and somehow finds games in 10 seconds in 2024,” continued the OP, before a number of players responded.

Many accused skill-based matchmaking of being the reason that Modern Warfare 3 takes so long to find a game, as the pool of possible players is reduced by the need to create lobbies of a similar skill level.

“When the algorithm doesn’t have to match you up with clones of yourself it tends to match up a lot quicker,” said one reply, before another added: “I’m about to quit mw3 for this very reason lol.”

Others also commented on how simple it was to search for a match in the clip, as the menus were much easier to navigate.

“Just look how clean and useable this UI is,” said one reply. “easily the worst part of the new game, like wtf even is the point of cod HQ.”

It’s worth pointing out that the clip shared by the OP most likely had CoD 4 running on an Xbox Series X/S or PC, rather than the Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles it originally launched on. This likely contributed to how quickly they were able to find a lobby.

Either way, players were still impressed by how quickly they could drop into a match in a game from 2007 compared to the latest entry in the series.

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