CoD players absolutely love Modern Warfare 3’s “slick” multiplayer movement

modern warfare 3 highrise gameplayActivision

Modern Warfare 3 looks to speed things up when it comes to movement in multiplayer, and the fans are absolutely loving the decision after seeing new gameplay shared by the devs.

Modern Warfare 3 is the next instalment for Call of Duty arriving on November 10, 2023. With the beta set to arrive soon, players have already been given plenty of information regarding the title, including campaign details and the dev’s philosophy behind the multiplayer experience.

Sledgehammer Games, the team working on MW3, are dedicated to giving players what they want when it comes to multiplayer, as the devs stated that they are bringing red dots on the minimap back as well as slide canceling.

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Now, new gameplay footage of MW3’s multiplayer not only showed off some of the iconic Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps that have received a makeover, but the clip also revealed the increased movement and mantling speed for the title.

Modern Warfare II’s movement was slowed down with the removal of slide canceling and mantling isn’t the most fluid or fast option when it comes to gameplay. However, that’s changing with Modern Warfare 3, and fans are loving the new gameplay showing off the fast-paced movement.

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In the small clip, players were shown multiple instances of mantling, mainly on a reimaged Highrise. The mantling is fast and sees the player effortlessly moving through the map.

Under CharlieIntel’s X post highlighting the movement in the MW3 clip, fans reacted positively, as popular content creator FaZe Jev said “it gets better,” while another comment read, “this alone looks better than the last 365 days of COD.”

One user even said, “this actually looks slick, much more fluid, more exciting and combined with the OG map is just a huge W.”

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Clearly, fans are excited about the increased movement speed, as the fluidity means that players will not be penalized for moving around the map as they are in MWII, a seemingly welcomed change.

We’ll likely see more of Modern Warfare 3 on October 5, which is the official date for the Call of Duty Next event, so stay tuned.

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