Modern Warfare 3 players furious over Armory Unlock items locked behind Daily Challenges

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Modern Warfare 3 introduces a new unlock method within the Armory that lets players speed up the item unlocking process that the traditional system would take, however, players notice some catches with this new method that make them furious.

Modern Warfare 3 is already underway and players are enjoying all the content within the game, including completing Weekly Challenges with MW3 weapons to level up through the Ranks, the return of slide canceling, the first-ever Zombies mode for the MW saga, and more.

While fans have praised SHG‘s decisions, mainly for all the changes they’ve made in terms of movement and features compared to its predecessor, MW2, many have noticed that the new Armory Unlock system is apparently locking items behind Daily Challenges.

Players attempting to unlock items through the Armory system have noticed that the sole requirement is the completion of Daily Challenges. It’s worth noting that you can only finish three challenges daily. Fortunately, an extra Bonus Challenge will become available, enabling you to continue progressing by winning matches.

However, this system isn’t complementary to the traditional Call of Duty approach, where players unlocked weapons, attachments, Equipment, and other items just by leveling up. Instead, players have observed that specific items are now locked behind the Armory Unlock system.

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“So unneeded and extremely sweaty grinding to get what you want,” a player commented below CharlieIntel’s post. Another user added, “Why can’t they just not change things that work fine,” comparing the new unlock system with the traditional one.

Players believe this new system is a “terrible idea” that takes away the possibility of “playing without having to worry about doing certain stuff in game.” Luckily, the Armory Challenges will continue to unlock, extending beyond the completion of Daily Challenges, accompanied by a continually refreshing Bonus Challenge.

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