MW3 players slam “garbage” spawn bug that makes Quarry feel like Shipment

Nathan Warby
Quarry in MW3Activision

Modern Warfare 3 has finally arrived and players are dropping into multiplayer for the first time. However, despite being raised as a key issue during the beta, a spawn bug has already hampered early matches for some.

After months of build-up, Modern Warfare 3 is finally here and players have wasted no time before heading into multiplayer to start the grind. The follow-up to 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 brings a whole arsenal of new weapons to unlock, as well as fresh Mastery camos to earn.

The draw for many fans is the return of classic maps from the original MW2, with all 16 maps from 2009 making a comeback. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, as a handful of bugs and glitches have already been spotted.

Shortly after Modern Warfare 3 servers went live, players quickly found a major issue with the spawns on Quarry.

Reddit user ‘ImSippinTeaInYooHood’ shared a post jokingly titled “Quarry is perfectly balanced,” which showed how serious the problem is. In the clip, both teams could be seen repeatedly spawning in the exact same spot, leading to plenty of chaotic kills.

This wasn’t a one-off either, as many other players posted saying that they had run into the same problem on Quarry. Another user named ‘receiptforeverything’ claimed “this happened twice in one game.”

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Many of the replies claimed that these “hilarious” spawns seem to be triggered by a specific objective on MW3‘s Hardpoint mode. Both teams seem to spawn in the same area until the Hardpoint moves and everything returns to normal.

Some were quick to call out the devs, as spawns were a major issue raised in the beta that players hoped would be fixed come launch day. “Wow this game is shaping up to be straight garbage lol. The Beta was our first warning sign,” said one reply.

Others even compared the spawns on Quarry to other maps that are known for their frantic gameplay: “Same s**t happened to me for a good minute lol. Felt like I was playing shipment,” said another.

Luckily, it appears that Quarry is the only map affected by this issue so far. New CoD multiplayer experiences often struggle with spawns in the days after launch, so don’t be surprised to see a fix released in MW3 in the coming days.

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