Modern Warfare 3 players praise “magnificent” multiplayer improvements from beta

Max Candelarezi
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Following players’ complaints after the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer beta, it appears devs have addressed these concerns, with players now praising “magnificent” improvements over the previous version.

Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner and players are eagerly awaiting all the multiplayer content it will bring including all of the modernized MW2 2009 maps, a fresh weapon roster, an extensive camo collection, including 16 Mastery camos, and much more.

While players had the opportunity to try out the game during the MW3 multiplayer beta in October, and the reception was overall positive, players did not hold back harsh criticism for certain features that were missing or needed major improvements.

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Luckily, the developers seem to have listened to the feedback as after accessing the game’s offline mode through a glitch prior to its full release, players discovered a series of long-awaited improvements, notably in spawn mechanics and in-game user interface enhancements.

Below CharlieIntel’s post sharing the news, players could handle the excitement and went on to praise SHG’s decisions, “this might be a good year for call of duty,” expressed a user. “Sounds like all wins so far,” added another player.

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“I’m so happy about calling cards popping up. I feel like calling cards lost their importance,” one user remarked. Another player added, “2 secondaries is a W for the camo grind.” Summing up the collective sentiment many players agreed that, “This is a total win. This is going to be the best Multiplayer in years!!”

Additionally, content creator TheXclusiveAce shared on X that based on early testing, MW3’s spawns have potentially been “changed quite drastically” from the beta, which has been one of the primary criticisms the game received following the limited-time MP beta.

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Although these changes haven’t been officially confirmed, the creator points out that the system would work similarly to the classic system, handling “much more pressure before flipping” and having a “strong attachment to Dom flags that your team holds.”

While all these changes have been found through the offline mode without official confirmation as of yet, players have greeted them with great enthusiasm, especially noting that devs have heeded their feedback.

To delve deeper into Modern Warfare 3, make sure you explore all the details on the game’s preload to ensure you’re well-prepared for its release on November 10, including gearing up for the first-ever Zombies mode in the MW series.

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