How to defeat Warlord Boss in MW3 Zombies: Location, Legacy Fortress Keycard, more

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MW3 Zombies Warlord OperatorActivision

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, one of the hardest missions in the whole act which involves the Warlord Boss takes place in a Threat Zone in Urzikstan. Here’s how you can find and beat the Warlord Boss to earn the Conqueror achievement in MW3 Zombies.

MW3 Zombies packs a lot of objectives in its Act missions, and the Warlord Boss is one of those. Bringing this boss down will not only help you in completing the Storm the Castle mission but also in earning the Conqueror achievement.

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There is no symbol in the tac map that pinpoints the Warlord Boss’ location, as he will be locked up in his castle. To fight him, you will have to make it come out, but to do that you have to complete a few steps first.

Here’s how to find and kill the Warlord Boss in MW3 Zombies.

MW3 Zombies: Warlord Boss location

MW3 Zombies Legacy Fortress LocationActivision
The Legacy Fortress is located in the medium-level Threat Zone.

To find the Warlord Boss in MW3 Zombies, you will have to first locate the Legacy Fortress on the D2 section of the map. The Fortress will not be accessible at first, as you need to find the Fortress Keycard Legacy item to enter.

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To obtain the Keycard and find the Warlord, you must follow these steps:

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  1. Complete a Mercenary Camp or Convoy activity to obtain a Stronghold Keycard. You can also buy it from the Buy Station for 2000 Essence.
  2. Enter any Mercenary Stronghold on a low-level Threat Zone to quickly clean it up and drill the safe inside.
  3. Once drilled, grab the Fortress Keycard – Legacy.

This item will help you open the locked doors that hold the Warlord Boss, so now that you have it, stockpile some Perks, Pack-a-Punch your weapons, and get ready for a fight.

How to beat Warlord Boss in MW3 Zombies

To take down the Legacy Warlord Boss in MW3 Zombies, you will have to approach the Legacy Fortress’ Main Building in D2 with the obtained Keycard.

Once there, get up to the second floor and deal with the Warlord’s security guards first. Flashbangs and other decoys will stop you from entering, but plan accordingly and pack your best grenades to take the Riot Shield guards out.

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Disable any wire traps you see in your way, enter slowly, and be careful when throwing grenades as Trophy Systems are installed in the building. In the back end of the room on the second floor, the Legacy Warlord Boss will be hiding behind a large cabinet.

Take him down, and if you have the Storm the Castle Act mission equipped, the Warlord will drop Strauss’s Research item needed to complete it. You will also see the Conqueror achievement pop-up on your screen.

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