How to get Omnigenesis camo in MW3 & Warzone

Nathan Warby
Soulredner with Omnigenesis camo and MW3 logo

MW3 and Warzone players are always looking for more camos to grind, and the new Omnigenesis design has arrived with Season 2 Reloaded. So, here’s how to unlock Omnigenesis camo in both Warzone and MW3.

The Season 2 Reloaded update is now live in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, bringing a host of content to both titles. From new weapons like the SOA Subverter, to fresh game modes and maps, the midseason patch has plenty to offer.

Alongside the new guns, it also adds a selection of new camos to grind for, which is sure to satisfy those who have already earned Interstellar this year. There are plenty of new designs to unlock, but it’s Omnigenesis that’s really caught players’ eye.

So, here’s how to get Omnigenesis camo in MW3 and Warzone.

How to unlock Omnigenesis in Warzone & MW3

You’ll need to get 50 kills with the new Soulrender melee weapon to unlock Omnigenesis camo in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This shouldn’t take too long, but first, you’ll have to earn the secondary sword itself.

Omnigenesis unlock challenge in MW3 and Warzone
Once you unlock Omnigenesis it can be applied to any weapon.

The Soulrender is unlocked by completing the Classified Sector of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Unlike regular Sectors that are completed using Tokens, this one requires you to tick off five objectives in Warzone or MW3, which you can check out below:

  1. Get five Operator or Special Zombie Kills with Throwing Knives (JAK Burnout Kit)
  2. Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie Melee Kills (Bone Dome Emblem)
  3. Get 15 Operator or Special Zombie Kills with a Frag Grenade or Semtex (1 Hour Double XP Token)
  4. Get five Operator or Special Zombie Kills with the butt of a gun (Grave Rubber camo)
  5. Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie crouched Melee kills. (Soulrender)

The first four of these Soulrender challenges in MW3 and Warzone can be completed in any order, while the final objective for the weapon can only be accessed once the rest have been done.

Once the sword is in your hands, simply equip it as your secondary weapon and slash away until you rack up 50 kills to unlock Omnigenesis. This shouldn’t take too long to do naturally in MW3 multiplayer, but we recommend Small Map Mosh Pit if you want to polish it off as quickly as possible.

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